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Lahore Qalandars new Logo

Lahore Qalandars is one of the six teams participating in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Lahore Qalandars new logo plays a significant role in representing the team’s identity and spirit. The vibrant colors, shape, and design of the logo have been carefully crafted to ensure that it displays all of the qualities that make up Lahore Qalandars.

The Lahore Qalandars is a professional cricket team in the Pakistan Super League. Known for their passion and style, they have become one of the most popular teams in the league. Their brand reflects their enthusiasm and dynamic atmosphere, setting them apart from other franchises. A key element to their team identity is their logo, which has its own story.

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The Lahore Qalandars have been a part of the Pakistan Super League since its inception in 2016. As one of the six founding members, they have become an iconic part of Pakistani cricket culture. The franchise has a unique identity that can be seen through its logo, which is an essential part of its identity and branding. The logo captures the spirit and heritage of the team and reflects the core values that make up the Lahore Qalandars brand.

Lahore Qalandars new Logo LQ

The Lahore Qalandars new logo is one of the most iconic emblems in Pakistan’s cricketing sphere. Representing the professional Pakistani cricket team based in Lahore, this logo has developed a unique identity that resonates with fans and players alike. With its vibrant colors and classic design, the Lahore Qalandars logo LQ stands out from Lahore Qalandars.

The central part of the symbol features an LQ. The striking green base color creates an eye-catching contrast element of the design, representing their commitment to providing top-notch entertainment for supporters. The ‘LQ’ initials are also featured prominently on either side for easy recognition by fans, who have embraced it as a symbol of pride for their team.

Design: Visuals and Symbols

The Lahore Qalandars new logo is a prime example of how visual design can be used to create an instantly recognizable image. The vibrant red and green colors of the logo symbolize Lahore Qalander. This round shape gives it a bold and memorable look.

The logo’s design showcases visuals and symbols that are meaningful to the team’s identity. The letter ‘Q’ in the center represents ‘Qalandar,’ a term for a religious traveler in South Asia. . The overall design is simple yet powerful – conveying strength, enthusiasm, and determination that encapsulate the spirit of Lahore Qalandars.

Colors Meaning and Significance

The Lahore Qalandars new logo is an iconic symbol of the team’s pride and commitment to its fans. It features a vibrant combination of green that perfectly embodies the spirit of enthusiasm and joy associated with the team. The colors were chosen carefully to represent specific values that are at the heart of what it means to be part of this proud franchise.

Shaheen Afradi with new logo

It reflects a sense of dynamism that drives the team forward in pursuit of victory. Green symbolizes creativity, enlightenment, and optimism – essential values when facing complex challenges on and off the field. Blue represents trustworthiness, loyalty, and respect – all attributes that make up a strong bond between players, coaches, and fans.

Community Impact

The Lahore Qalandars new logo is more than just a symbol of Pakistan’s most famous cricket team. It carries the values of community, innovation, and progress that define the Lahore Qalandars’ mission.

Since its inception in 2015, the franchise has impacted its local communities by creating opportunities for cricket lovers and inspiring generations of fans. From investing in youth development programs to providing educational support initiatives, the Lahore Qalandars’ logo represents their unwavering commitment to giving back to their community.

The vibrant colors in the logo reflect the spirit of Pakistanis – bright, energetic, and full of life – while also highlighting the team’s ambition to become one of South Asia’s top cricket teams.

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Reception and Criticism

The Lahore Qalandars logo has received a lot of attention since its launch in 2015. The logo was designed to represent the cricket team from Pakistan, and it features the traditional colors of green and red. However, the new kit logo by captain Shaheen Afridi took the cricketing fraternity by storm for its minimalist yet quality design.

Some have praised the logo for its unique approach to representing Pakistan’s cricket culture and history. Others argue that it needs to be more authentic and capture the essence of Pakistani cricket effectively. Furthermore, some are critical of how much money was spent on creating such an abstract logo when other teams could’ve used those funds more wisely.


The Lahore Qalandars new logo is a bold and creative design that captures the team’s spirit in its symbol. It reflects the culture and history of Pakistan while also representing a modern, cosmopolitan outlook. The vibrant colors and unique shapes evoke pride and excitement in the team’s fans. The logo has been widely praised as an iconic symbol for Pakistani cricket, making it an essential part of Pakistan’s national identity.

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