Lahore Qalandars owner Fawad Rana net worth

Lahore Qalandars owner

Lahore Qalandars are among Pakistan’s most famous cricket teams, and many fans are curious to know more about its owner. The Lahore Qalandars is owned by the Qatar Lubricants Company (QALCO), a part of the Qatar Oil Group. QALCO purchased the team in 2015, and since then, they have invested heavily to make it one of the leading franchises in the Pakistan Super League (PSL).

Lahore Qalandars is a Pakistani cricket franchise that competes in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The team Lahore Qalandars owner is Qatar Lubricants Company (QALCO) and is based in Lahore, Punjab. Founded in 2015, the Franchise has become one of the most popular teams in the country. In this article, we will look into the history of the team and its current owner, QALCO.

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Lahore Qalandars is a Pakistani cricket team that plays in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The team was founded in 2015 and has been leading the way in the PSL ever since. Behind this success lies an inspiring story of resilience and determination, which can be attributed to its owner, Rana Fawad Sameen Rana.

Lahore Qalandars owner Fawad Rana

Who is the Lahore Qalandars owner? This is a question that many cricket fans are eager to know the answer to. The famous Pakistan Super League (PSL) team, Lahore Qalandars owner is Fawad Rana, but nowadays, the owner is Fawad rana s brother Sameen Rana, a renowned Pakistani entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Rana Fawad home tour

Fawad Rana founded Qatar Lubricants Co in 1989 and built it into one of the leading lubricant manufacturing companies in the Middle East. He was also the founding Chairman of the Qatar Chamber’s Small & Medium Enterprises Committee. In 2018, Fawad became part of a group that purchased ownership rights for PSL team Lahore Qalandars. Since then, he has served as Chairman and CEO of the Franchise.

Fawad Rana Net Worth

Fawad Rana is one of the most successful business owners in Pakistan and his net worth has been the topic of much discussion. Rana is the Lahore Qalandars owner, one of the top teams in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). His success as a businessperson has translated into wealth that extends beyond cricket and into other industries, giving him a formidable net worth.

Lahore Qalandars owner Sameen Rana

He also owns several real estate properties across Pakistan. In addition to his business interests, Rana also serves on the board of directors at several prestigious universities in Pakistan. As of now, his net worth is estimated to be around $400 million.

Early Years Where do they come from

The Lahore Qalandars is a professional cricket team based in the Pakistani city of Lahore. The team was formed in 2015 and is currently one of six competing in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The team has gained immense popularity among cricket fans all over Pakistan due to its performances and success thus far. But who is the Lahore Qalandars owner successful Franchise?

Lahore Qalandars Team Overview

The Lahore Qalandars is owned by Qatar Lubricants Company Ltd (QLC), a subsidiary of Qatar Petroleum. QLC is an integrated lubricant manufacturing company founded in 2015. It has since become one of the leading lubricant producers in the region, providing quality products for automotive, industrial, marine, and aviation purposes.

A career in Business How they achieved success

The Lahore Qalandars, a professional cricket team based in the city of Lahore in Pakistan, is owned by the Rana brothers. Before becoming a successful sports mogul, Rana Sameen had an impressive career as an entrepreneur and businessman. He has been involved in numerous business ventures throughout his career, enabling him to succeed and become one of the most respected businessmen in Pakistan.

Rana Fawad’s journey began with humble beginnings as he started his own Business at 19 while still attending college. After graduating from college with a degree in business management, he formed several companies that focused on providing services such as web development and software engineering. His businesses quickly grew into international brands due to his hard work and dedication.

But nowadays, Fawad Rana s elder brother Sameen Rana is entirely focusing on the Lahore Qalandars players.

Buying the Team What motivated their purchase

The Lahore Qalandars is one of the most successful cricket teams in Pakistan. In 2015, Rana Fawad bought the team for an estimated USD 25 million. What motivated Rana Fawad and the consortium to buy this popular Franchise?

Rana Fawad has been involved with the sports industry since 2007, now Pakistan’s most prominent corporate cricket tournament. He is passionate about sports and wants to take his involvement to the next level by becoming directly involved with a professional cricket team.

Fawad saw great potential in the Lahore Qalandars as they already have an impressive fan base and are well respected in the league.

Impact of Fawad Rana Ownership

Since the inception of the Pakistan Super League (PSL), the Lahore Qalandars has become one of its most iconic franchises. Under the ownership of Fawad Rana, the team has undergone a significant transformation over the years.

From their inaugural season in 2016 to now being one of the most successful teams in PSL’s recent history, it’s hard to deny Fawad Rana’s impact on Lahore Qalandar’s success. His investment in player recruitment and development has been integral in raising standards for Pakistani cricket across all levels.

Sameen Rana with Captain Shaheen Shah and Haris Rauf

With a strong emphasis on investing in local talent and promoting a healthy team culture, Fawad Rana has ensured that his team is well-prepared for any challenge.

Challenges Faced What have been the difficulties

The Lahore Qalandars is a professional Twenty20 cricket team based in Lahore, Pakistan. Founded in 2015, the Franchise Lahore Qalandars owner is the Rana brothers ,and is one of six teams that compete in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). While the team has seen some success since its inception, there have been challenges it has faced along the way.

Sameen Rana’s ownership of Lahore Qalandars has been challenging. One of the main challenges has been securing sponsorship for the team, given their relatively short history and lack of international recognition compared to other PSL teams. Additionally, due to their geographical location and limited access to top-level international talent, they have struggled to attract top players from other countries, which can be an obstacle when competing against more established franchises.


The Lahore Qalandars is a professional cricket franchise in Pakistan and part of the Pakistan Super League (PSL). Established in 2015, they are owned by Qatar Lubricants Company Limited (QALCO), with Fawad Rana and Sameen Rana serving as the team’s owners. Since its inception, Mr. Rana has been instrumental in the success and growth of the Qalandars.

Under his leadership, the team has achieved both on-field and off-field success. On-field success includes winning their first PSL title in 2021, while off-field successes include building an enviable fan base through innovative marketing strategies such as launching exclusive merchandise collections for their supporters. Moreover, Mr. Rana has played a vital role in developing solid relationships with other franchises and governing bodies to ensure that Lahore’s interests are respected on every platform.

Mr. Sameen’s ownership of the Lahore Qalandars has led to significant growth for the cricket team. He has created a successful franchise model and established significant partnerships with leading brands while making a positive social impact in the local community. Rana’s commitment to developing the game of cricket in Pakistan will no doubt continue to benefit future generations of players and fans alike. Overall, Lahore Qalandars is now on a trajectory that promises even more success in years to come.

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