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Multan sultan logo

The Multan Sultan logo reflects a sultan with a bat in his hand rising on the horse. It also represents the cricket-loving passion of the south Punjab of Pakistan. The logo comprises a simple yellow and green design, which features the religion shah, Rukn e Alam. The Multan Sultan logo was first unveiled in 2018. The below side cricket toofan represents Inzamam ul Haq progress after 1992. He performed well.

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The Multan Sultan logo was recently released and quickly became a symbol of pride for the city of Multan. Being one of the most ancient cities in South Asia, the logo looks to capture its rich history while remaining modern and forward-looking. The emperor’s crown at the top of the shield-like design reflects brave leadership that has been part of this city’s past, while a flame beneath it represents courage and innovation that will be necessary to guide its future.

The release of such a powerful symbol comes at an appropriate time for the people of Multan as they look toward their future with optimism and hope.

Multan Sultan Logo

The Multan Sultan Logo is an integral part of the history of Multan in Punjab, Pakistan. It has been a symbol of authority and power since ancient times, representing the many past monarchs that have ruled over this city.

Multan sultan logo design

The logo consists of four parts: a man (Sultan) riding a horse. This is thought to be symbolic of the strength and courage that was needed to rule such an important city back in antiquity. In the middle is the Multan, which represents the city, and the Sultan, which also represents the team name. The below side cricket toofan represents Inzamam ul Haq progress after 1992. He performed well.

Multan Sultan Symbolism of Logo

The Multan Sultan logo represents the passions and dreams of the people of Multan. The logo has been around since 2018 and carries great significance to current and past generations. Symbolically it stands for the history, culture, and positive initiatives that have shaped this city over time.

The logo comprises four components: a yellow-colored sultan riding a horse with a bat in his hand. In The middle of Multan and after that Multan, the city name, and then the Sultan, so the logo is more beautiful on the kit. Moreover, on the below side is a written cricket kay toofan representing the legendary cricketer Inzamam ul Haq.

Promotion Leveraging the Logo

Multan Sultans is one of the newest teams to join the Pakistan Super League (PSL) in 2018. Founded by Schön Properties, they have become an exciting addition to the league with their passionate fan base and colorful branding. Their logo is a major part of this branding and has been designed with distinct features that give it a unique identity.

The design of the logo serves as an ode to Multan’s rich history, featuring elements derived from historical emblems and symbols found around the city. The palace-like structure in the background represents Multan’s iconic gates which have stood tall since centuries ago,

Multan Sultan Logo Color 

The Multan Sultan logo is widely recognized as the symbol of one of the oldest cities in Pakistan. The vibrant color logo has been carefully chosen, with each hue having a special meaning and interpretation.

The bright yellow in the upper represents the city’s historical importance and significance in Pakistan. The blue background represents loyalty and trustworthiness, while the green reflects peace and harmony. Finally, red symbolizes energy, enthusiasm, and pride.

Multan sultans

Overall, the Multan Sultan logo conveys a message of strength, resilience, heritage, and unity – all qualities that have helped this ancient city withstand the test of time. As such, it is a proud reminder of Multan’s rich cultural identity and place at the heart of Pakistani society today.

Benefits to Multan Residents

The Multan Sultan logo symbolizes pride and identity for the residents of Multan. This symbol was introduced in 2018 by the legendary cricketer Wasim Akram to commemorate the great achievements of their ancestors in history. The logo is composed of four components: a riding sultan bat in his handwriting Multan in yellow color, so after that, Sultans writing in White Colour and a cricket kay toofan. The overall look beautiful.

These elements represent Unity and Strength – values that are deeply entrenched in the city’s culture. The shield protects against any external enemy; the crown symbolizes royalty and greatness; and finally, two swords represent courage and bravery in defending one’s land from any threat or danger. Furthermore, the eagle is an important reminder to always strive for excellence – just like its majestic flight through open skies!


The Multan Sultan logo is a symbol of Pakistan’s cricket team. It has an interesting history and significance that have stood the test of time. The logo was first introduced in 2018 when the Multan Sultans were established as one of the original six teams to play in the PSL.

The Multan Sultan logo consists of a yellow-colored riding sultan on a horse, standing atop then in the middle of the Multan and Sultan in yellow and white color. This powerful logo depicts strength and courage, which is why it remains one of Pakistan’s most iconic logos today. The meaning behind the crossed swords serves as an inspiration for players and fans alike, reminding them that there are no shortcuts to success – only hard work will pay off in the end.

The Multan Sultan logo is an enduring symbol of success and perseverance. It represents a proud history of hard work and ambition while reminding us of the importance of maintaining our shared values and traditions. This logo reminds us that we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves, and we have the power to shape our future. It is an important emblem that should be respected and appreciated.

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