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Peshawar Zalmi owner

The Pakistan Super League team Peshawar Zalmi is one of the most successful franchises in the league. Peshawar Zalmi owner is Javed Afridi, also the Chairman and CEO of Haier Group, Peshawar Zalmi has become a household name in Pakistan. Javed Afridi took ownership of the franchise in 2015 and has since made an impact on and off the cricket field.

Peshawar Zalmi is one of the most popular cricket teams in Pakistan, and its owner has been integral in helping the team achieve such success. Javed Afridi, Chairman and CEO of Haier Pakistan and Owner of Peshawar Zalmi, has played a vital role in establishing the group as Pakistan’s premier sporting body. His vision for the team has enabled them to become a household name across the country.

Peshawar Zalmi is one of the most popular cricket teams in the Pakistan Super League. The team has had a lot of success since its inception in 2016, and a vital part of that has been its owner, Javed Afridi. Javed Afridi is not only the owner but also the principal investor and founder of Peshawar Zalmi.

Who is Peshawar Zalmi Owner?

The Peshawar Zalmi owner is Javed Afridi. He is a Pakistani entrepreneur and CEO of Haier Pakistan. Afridi owns several other businesses, including MG motors, Foton Forland, and the Zalami foundation. He took over ownership of Peshawar Zalmi in 2015. Afridi has been credited with helping to bring cricket back to the country by investing heavily in developing players and promoting cricket at all levels.

Javed Afridi Background

Peshawar Zalmi, a franchise of the Pakistan Super League, the team Peshawar Zalmi owner is Javed Afridi. Born in 1985, Javed Afridi hails from a family of businessmen in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He university of oxford (MBA) London school of economics of Regent University is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Haier Pakistan.

In 2015, Javed Afridi purchased Peshawar Zalmi for $16 million and has since been an integral part of its success. His commitment to bringing visibility to cricket in northern Pakistan helped Peshawar Zalmi make it to one final in 2017. The team also remained runner-up in 2018 and 2019. Under his leadership, Peshawar Zalmi has become one of the most successful teams in PSL history.

Javed Afradi with ambassador

Businesses and Investments

The Peshawar Zalmi owner of this prestigious team is Javed Afridi, a prominent businessperson and investor from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

Afridi has been involved in many businesses since his teenage years, and his investment portfolio includes multiple sectors such as manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, IT, education, and entertainment. His commitment to Peshawar Zalmi has made him one of the most successful franchise owners in the PSL. He has invested heavily in the team’s infrastructure, including training centers and player recruitment processes, to ensure that Peshawar Zalmi remains competitive. Furthermore, he invests heavily in marketing initiatives and promotional events to increase support for his team among fans across Pakistan.

Humanitarian Works

The Peshawar Zalmi owner, Javed Afridi, is a humanitarian at heart. He has been actively involved in various philanthropic works and charity initiatives.

Amongst his many feats, Mr. Afridi is well-known for his passion for giving back to society. His projects focus on providing education, healthcare, and job opportunities to people from all walks of life, especially those living in poverty-stricken areas of Pakistan. He also runs an orphanage that provides shelter and care for orphaned children in need. In addition, he has donated generously towards the construction of schools and hospitals throughout the country and other welfare organizations working towards alleviating poverty.

Javed Afridi Social Media Presence

Peshawar Zalmi, the Pakistani-based cricket team, is rapidly gaining a strong presence on social media. The team’s majority owner, Javed Afridi, has been credited with driving the franchise’s success through his passionate involvement in leading the group and its public profile.

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Afridi’s social media presence stands out from most traditional sports owners due to his commitment to engaging with fans worldwide. He regularly uses Twitter and Instagram to share updates about upcoming matches or commentaries on current events within Pakistan’s cricketing community. In addition, he often shares personal photos of himself meeting players and attending events related to Peshawar Zalmi. He is also CEO of Haier group.

Javed Afradi with coach Muhammad Akram

Javed Afridi Relationship with the Team

Javed Afridi, the owner of Peshawar Zalmi, has been an integral part of the team since its inception in 2016. As a proud native of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, he has taken an active role in community development, cricket, and sports.

Afridi’s relationship with his team is built on mutual respect and admiration. He values their hard work and dedication to the game and ensures they have the best resources possible to succeed. Off-field, Afridi often organizes activities for players to build strong bonds between them; these include motivational talks, dinners, and trips around Pakistan. He constantly encourages his team to take part in charitable initiatives as well.


Javed Afridi, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, own the Peshawar Zalmi franchise in the Pakistan Super League. He has been involved with cricket since college and has gone from strength to strength. Since he acquired the franchise, he has made it one of the most successful teams in PSL history.

As an owner, Javed Afridi has worked hard to provide opportunities for local players and staff members at Peshawar Zalmi. He was also instrumental in Peshawar Zalmi winning their first title as they defeated Quetta Gladiators in 2017’s PSL final. Moreover, he also supports many charitable causes within Pakistan, such as education and healthcare initiatives. His commitment to bettering Pakistan’s cricket culture is commendable and highly appreciated by fans worldwide.

Javed Afridi has achieved great success with Peshawar Zalmi and its fan base. His commitment to creating an experience that is profitable, exciting, and high-quality for all involved has been instrumental in the growth of the team’s popularity. He provides access to resources necessary for success and actively engages with the community. This is evidence of his dedication to creating a positive culture and sustainable future for Peshawar Zalmi.

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