Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultan – Match#5 [PSL 2023]

Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultan

The cricket rivalry of Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultan has been one of the most heated contests in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) since its inception in 2016. Both teams have a long history of competitive battles and have produced some memorable moments, most notably when Multan Sultan clinched the title in 2019.

The cricket fans of Pakistan are eagerly awaiting the upcoming match Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultan. The stakes are high for both teams, and they are sure to leave no stone unturned to come out on top and reach their goal.

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The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is one of the most exciting cricket leagues in the world, and its 8th season promises to be no different. Two teams from the league stand out as favorites Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultan. Both teams have a long history of rivalry, with each side dominating the other in turns. This article will analyze their upcoming match-up, exploring their past performances, strengths, and weaknesses.

Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultan

Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultan are two teams in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The eighth edition of the PSL kicked off on February 13th, 2023, and is expected to be an exciting tournament.

The two sides have had a long history with each other, having played against each other in previous seasons, with both sides looking for a victory. Peshawar Zalmi has been one of the most successful teams in PSL history, winning one title in 2017. They also made it to the playoffs last season.

Now, they will be looking to make another deep run this season as they face off against Multan Sultans, who have had mixed fortunes since their introduction into the league back in 2018. They reached the final last year, and in the final, they defeated Lahore Qalandars.

Zalmi’s Performance

The highly anticipated cricket match between Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultan has finally arrived. The clash of these two teams is sure to be exciting, as both sides have made it to the top of their respective leagues. Fans from Pakistan and worldwide will be tuning in to watch this thrilling game.

Peshawar Zalmi Batting - PZ VS MS

Peshawar Zalmi is known for its strong performance throughout the tournament, having won multiple games spectacularly against some of the toughest opponents. Their skipper Babar Azam has been a key player, leading his team with great courage and determination on every occasion. His side also includes renowned players such as Muhammad Haris, Wahab Riaz, and Colin Cadmore, each eager to prove themselves in this grand finale.

Sultan’s Performance

Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultan have been major rivals in the Pakistan Super League, with both teams vying for victory since their first match against each other in 2018. This year, the two sides will face off again for an intense clash that is sure to be exciting.

These two teams last met at the start of this year’s tournament, with Multan taking a commanding win over Peshawar. But it seems that Sultan’s performance has gone from strength to strength since then; they recently secured a hard-fought victory against Lahore Qalandars and are looking better than ever going into this match-up. With experienced players such as Muhammad Rizwan leading their team, Multan will present a formidable challenge for Peshawar Zalmi.

Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultan Results History

Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultan have had a long rivalry in Pakistan Super League (PSL). The two teams are owned by leading Pakistani business tycoons, Javed Afridi and Ali Khan Tareen, respectively. Over the years, the teams have competed fiercely for both wins and the title of PSL champions.

The results history between Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultan has been incredibly close. Of their nine previous matches, Peshawar Zalmi has won four times while Multan Sultans have come out on top five times. Most recently, during this year’s PSL season, it was a neck-and-neck battle with only three runs separating each team as they fought to be victorious.

Impact of Key Players

Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultan have faced each other in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) many times, and there is no doubt that their game-day performances are always exciting to watch. Both teams boast some of the best players in the league, but what makes them stand out is how they use their key players to impact matches.

Multan sultan bowling performance

The Peshawar Zalmi have a long list of star cricketers, such as Babar Azam, Wahab Riaz, and Kohler cadmore, who can single-handedly change the course of any game. They know how to utilize these players’ talents and abilities to the fullest, which adds an extra layer of excitement for spectators.

PZ vs MS Match timing and venue

The fifth match between Peshawar Zalmi and Multan Sultan will be played Friday at Multan stadium. The match will be played sharp at 6 pm local time. Both teams won their previous games. Both teams have a well-balanced squad, and they have many match-winning players.

The crowd will be seen more in the stadium. Many crowds came to support their teams—the excellent atmosphere in the stadium. There will be a good match to see.

Expected result

The Multan sultan is expected to be a favorite on their home soil. Multan is also a favorite in PSL. But both teams will depend on the toss. The result will not be in the hand of any players. Babar Azam is the Captain of Peshawar Zalmi, and Muhammad Rizwan is the captain of Multan Sultan. Both are key players for his team. There is an edge to Multan Sultan.

Conclusion: Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultan

Peshawar Zalmi vs Multan Sultan will provide a great show for cricket fans. Both Teams are looked to be the stronger team from the start; both have shown promise this season and have proven that they can compete with each other. As we look ahead to the next rounds, it will be interesting to see how these two teams fare against each other again. Multan Sultan players should be proud of their performance and effort.

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