PSL 8 Points Table [Pakistan Super League 2023 Points Table]

PSL 8 Points Table

After league stages matches position of all teams in PSL 8 is given below:

  1. Lahore Qalandars
  2. Multan Sultans
  3. Islamabad United
  4. Peshawar Zalmi
  5. Quetta Gladiators
  6. Karachi Kings

Lahore Qalandars and Multan Sultans secured top positions and will face each other in Qualifier.

Islamabad United and Peshawar Zalmi finished third and fourth to play in Eliminators.

Quetta and Karachi were kicked out of competition in the league stages.

PSL 8 Points table summary

Pakistan Super League (PSL) is one of the country’s most significant sporting events, and every year, millions of fans across Pakistan eagerly await the tournament. The 8th edition of PSL kicked off on February 13th, 2023, with six teams vying to become champions. With each team playing ten matches against each other in a double round-robin format, the top four teams progressed to the knockout stages. Only one team will emerge as champion at the end of these intense battles.

Match Officials for PSL 2023 season 8

Pakistan Super League began in 2016 and has seen success since its inception, with over 6 million fans from around the world following it. The matches will be played between 13th February 2023 to 17th March 2023 across four major cities in the country – Karachi, Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi. In this article, we will discuss the PSL 8 points table, which will give an insight into each team’s performance in the league. The points table displays the teams’ rankings according to their wins, losses and ties in matches.

PSL 8 points table – Pakistan Super League Standings

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023 points table is a comprehensive guide to the team standings in the league. The PSL 2023 season will have some thrilling matches and intense competition for the top spot on the PSL 8 points table.

At the start of PSL 2023, all teams have equal points and all are the on the same position in PSL standings. But on our PSL 8 points table Multan Sultan is on the top with Lahore Qalandars on the second position. As the tournaments progresses and we will come to know which teams will top the standings of PSL 2023.

Lahore Qalandars1073140.96
Multan Sultan1064120.5
Islamabad United106412-0.7
Peshawar Zalmi105510-0.45
Karachi Kings103760.7
Quetta Gladiators10376-1.06
PSL 8 Points Table

PSL 8 points Table format

The tournament is divided into two stages – a round-robin stage and a knockout stage. In the round-robin stage, each team will play one another twice for ten matches. The top four teams from this stage will qualify for the knockout stages, where they will compete in 1 Qualifier, two eliminators and then a grand finale. Points won during this stage of the tournament are accumulated on what is known as the PSL 8 points table.

PSL 8 Points Table 2023

The Pakistan Super League 8 points table is the leaderboard of this cricket season’s tournament in 2023. It showcases the current standings of each participating team and how they’re stacking up against their opponents. The PSL 2023 points table helps fans keep track of all the action, providing an overview of the competition so far.

All six teams are listed on this PSL 8 points table with the total number of points earned from each match. This is based on whether a team won or lost, as well as their net run rate, which determines how many runs were scored per over compared to their opponent’s score. The most successful teams will progress in the tournament and reach higher positions within the Pakistan Super League points table.

PSL 8 Points Table Criteria

The PSL 8 points table determines standings based on an accumulative total of points earned from each match. Teams can gain two points for winning a game, one point for a tie or no result, and zero points if they lose. At the end of all matches played during the regular season, teams will be ranked according to their point totals. After this stage, the top four teams qualify for playoffs, deciding who takes home the championship title.

PSL Points Table (All Previous Seasons)

The Points Table is an important document used to track and compare the performance of all teams in a given season. Keeping track of each team’s points and standings across all previous seasons can be a difficult task, but it is essential for any fan or analyst to have an understanding of how the teams compare over time.

The All Previous Seasons Points Table is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to analyze team performance over time. It provides a detailed breakdown of each team’s points earned and their corresponding standings in every season since the league began. This includes ranking, Net run rate, wins, draws and losses for each franchise across every campaign throughout PSL history.

PSL 7 Points Table 2022

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) Season 7 points table is in full swing, and the competition is heating up. With six teams competing for the trophy, every victory counts towards making it to the top of this fiercely contested tournament.

PSL 7 points table
PSL 2022 points table

As we enter the back end of PSL 7, fans keep a close eye on the points table as their favourite teams battle it out on the pitch. The Multan Sultan has started strong with nine victories in ten matches, followed by Lahore Qalandars, who have won six out of ten games so far. Peshawar Zalmi is close behind, with six wins from all ten matches. Islamabad united also qualifies for the knockout stages, having four wins out of their ten league stage matches. Quetta Gladiators and Karachi Kings have all secured fours and one win each from their league matches and remain in the bottom half of the table.

PSL 6 Points Table 2021

The Pakistan Super League, 6 points table, is an interesting one, and Islamabad united to the PSL 6 points table by winning eight of their ten matches. Multan sultan secured second position with Peshawar Zalmi and Karachi Kings and are in the 3rd and 4th position on the PSL 6 points table. Lahore Qalandars and Quetta Gladiators were at the bottom of the table standings and did not qualify for knockouts.

PSL 6 points table
PSL 2021 points table

The fans are always eager to know who’s in pole position in their favourite tournament, and the PSL 6 Points Table provides them with all the necessary information about team standings and progress throughout each stage of play.

PSL 5 Points Table 2020

We will discuss PSL season 5, one of the most popular seasons in history. In PSL 5, six teams competed for the title of PSL champions: Karachi Kings, Peshawar Zalmi, Islamabad United, Quetta Gladiators, Lahore Qalandars and Multan Sultans.

PSL 5 points table
PSL 2020 points table

Multan Sultan and Karachi kings were at the top 2 positions in the PSL 5 points table as the are now in the PSL 8 Points Table. Lahore and Peshawar secured 3rd and fourth positions, respectively. PSL 2020 was a lousy season for Quetta Gladiators and Islamabad United, and they finished lowest in the PSL 2020 points table.

PSL 4 Points Table 2019

The Pakistan Super League, 4 points table, was for the race to the top. Six teams have been competing in PSL 4 season 2019, each playing ten matches throughout the tournament. The Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators were at the top with 14 points each in the standings at the end of league matches.

PSL 4 points table
PSL 2019 points table

The competition was intense and close, as every team fought hard for a spot in the playoffs and an ultimate chance to become champions. The Islamabad United and Karachi Kings find themselves in third and fourth place, respectively, with 10 points, followed closely by Multan Sultan with 6 points. Lahore Qalandars were at the bottom at the end of PSL 4!

PSL 3 Points Table 2018

The PSL is one of Asia’s most significant cricket leagues, featuring some of the most exciting and talented teams from around the country. As with PSL 3, six teams were competing for the top spot this year: Islamabad United, Karachi Kings, Peshawar Zalmi, Quetta Gladiators, Lahore Qalandars and Multan Sultans.

PSL 3 points table
PSL 2018 points table

Islamabad United and Karachi Kings were the top two teams in the PSL 3 points table. Peshawar and Quetta were in 3rd and 4th position at the end of PSL season 3. PSL 2018 was the first season of the Multan sultan, finishing at the 5th position in league stages, and lousy form continues for Lahore Qalandars as they were at the bottom of the PSL 2018 points table.

PSL 2 Points Table 2017

In 2017 it was the second season of the Pakistan Super League and has provided Pakistani cricket followers with many thrilling games. The PSL 2 points table kept fans on the edge of their seats, reflecting how each team is faring against its competitors.

PSL 2 points table
PSL 2017 points table

For PSL 2, all top four teams, Islamabad United, Karachi Kings, Peshawar Zalmi, and Quetta Gladiators, have 84 wins each. But due to one rain-affected match between Peshawar Zalmi vs Quetta, Gladiators have one extra point, which makes them at the top of the table. , Islamabad United, and Karachi Kings were at 3 and 4 positions. Lahore Qalandars felt they needed to be qualified for the playoffs of PSL 2017.

PSL 1 Points Table 2016

In the first season of the Pakistan Super League, five teams participated in the tournament, and each team is looking to secure a place in the top four of the points table. The race for the top spot has already begun, as all teams are eager to make their mark on PSL 2016 points table.

PSL 1 points table
PSL 2016 points table

Peshawar and Quetta were on the top of the PSL 2016 points table, having 12 points for each team. Islamabad united and Karachi kings were in the 3rd and 4th positions, with Lahore Qalandars at the bottom of the table standings for the first season of the PSL points table.

PSL Format: Twenty20 Cricket

The Pakistan Super League 2023 has been a thrilling tournament thus far, with teams vying for the ultimate prize – the champion title. As many as six teams have participated in this year’s tournament and are competing for top honours. The format of this Twenty20 cricket event has been exciting to spectators and fans alike, with each team playing ten matches in the group stage.

The PSL 8 points table is constantly being updated as teams battle it against each other to grab more points and secure their position on the leaderboard. The team that finishes at the top of the table will be crowned to playoffs, and one of them will take home not only glory but also a large purse from sponsors and supporters. Each victory earns two points, while any ties or no-result games earn one point each for both sides involved. All six teams must play their opponents twice before the playoffs commence.

Points Table: Team Standings

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023 points table was released with the tournament’s start. The PSL 8 points table showcases the ranking of each team in the competition, and with the conclusion of this season’s matches, one can see that it is an exciting time for cricket fans across Pakistan.

Impact of PSL 2023 On Cricket in Pakistan

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023 is set to be an exciting cricket tournament in the region. PSL 2023 will feature six teams from different cities in Pakistan and build on the hype of previous tournaments. With such intense competition, the points table for PSL 2023 will surely see some interesting results.

The impact of PSL 2023 on cricket in Pakistan can already be seen across the country’s media outlets, among fans and players alike. The tournament promises a chance for local cricket talent to show off their skills and compete against high-profile international players. It also offers an opportunity for Pakistani companies to gain exposure as sponsors for these clubs, providing additional financial support for the league.

Conclusion: Exciting Future Ahead

2023 Pakistan Super League points table has shown us a tight race among the six teams participating in the tournament. Karachi Kings, Quetta Gladiators, Islamabad United, Peshawar Zalmi, Lahore Qalandars, and Multan Sultans have all shown great performances thus far. Even with two rounds of matches still to go until the playoffs begin, nothing is inevitable, and any team could come out on top.

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