Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024 [PSL 9 PZ Squad]

Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024

The Peshawar Zalmi squad has always been a powerhouse in the Pakistan Super League, and as we look ahead to the 2024 season. With a blend of seasoned veterans and emerging talent, the Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024 represents a bold new chapter in the team’s history. The franchise has made some strategic acquisitions during the PSL 2024 draft, adding firepower to their batting lineup and shoring up their bowling attack. As fans eagerly await the start of the PSL 9 season, there’s palpable excitement surrounding this dynamic group of players poised to make their mark on the cricketing world.

Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar Zalmi Squad for PSL 9

Babar Azam (Captain)

  • Mohammad Haris (Wk)
  • Rovman Powell
  • Noor Ahmad
  • Saim Ayub
  • Asif Ali
  • Tom Kohler-Cadmore
  • Naveen-ul-Haq
  • Aamir Jamal
  • Khurram Shahzad
  • Dan Mousley
  • Salman Irshad
  • Umair Afridi
  • Asif Yaqoob
  • Haseebullah
  • Mohammad Zeeshan
  • Lungi Ngidi
  • Mehran Mumtaz

Overview of the Peshawar Zalmi squad 2024

The Zalmi squad brings diverse skill sets covering all game aspects – batting, bowling, and fielding with top-notch international players alongside promising local talents. Peshawar Zalmi has created a dynamic unit that aims to dominate in all facets of play. As one of the most consistent teams in previous seasons, their stellar track record showcases their potential for success in 2024. Their presence will undoubtedly add an exciting layer of competition to this year’s PSL as they strive to solidify their position as one of the premier franchises in Pakistani cricket.

The Peshawar Zalmi Squad for the 2024 Pakistan Super League, led by experienced captain Babar Azam, aims to showcase their skills and compete for the championship. Notable international stars like Rovman Powell, Noor Ahmad, and Tom Kohler-Cadmore bring experience and flair to the team, while young Pakistani players like Haseebullah and Mohammad Haris add depth and potential. The coaching staff, led by renowned mentor Darren Sammy, ensures the squad is well-prepared and motivated.

The Peshawar Zalmi squad 2024 is given below:

Babar Azam, Rovman Powell, Noor Ahmad (Platinum), Saim Ayub, Asif Ali, Tom Kohler-Cadmore (Diamond), Mohammad Haris, Naveen-ul-Haq, Aamir Jamal (Gold), Khurram Shahzad, Dan Mousley, Salman Irshad, Umair Afridi, Asif Yaqoob (Silver), Haseebullah and Mohammad Zeeshan (Emerging), Lungi Ngidi and Mehran Mumtaz (Supplementary)

Overview of the Peshawar Zalmi squad 2024

The team’s strategy emphasizes aggressive batting supported by skillful bowlers like Naveen-ul-Haq and Aamir Jamal. With a strong focus on teamwork and discipline, Peshawar Zalmi aspires to make a mark in PSL 9 with their relentless pursuit of victory. Off the field, the squad also engages in various community initiatives to promote cricket at the grassroots level. As they gear up for the tournament, fans are eager to see how this diverse blend of talent will perform on the pitch.

Platinum Category Players: Babar Azam, Rovman Powell, and Noor Ahmad

The Peshawar Zalmi squad 2024 is shaping up to be a formidable force with the addition of three top-tier Platinum Players. Babar Azam, known for his consistent performance and superb batting skills, is set to bring experience and leadership to the team. Rovman Powell, a dynamic all-rounder, adds depth to the squad with his ability to contribute with both bat and ball.

Noor Ahmad, a talented young spin bowler from Afghanistan, is expected to bring diversity and innovation to the team’s bowling attack. With the combination of these three-star players, Peshawar Zalmi is gearing up for an exciting season ahead. The team’s management has expressed confidence in their new signings, believing they will add strength and balance to the squad as they aim for success in upcoming tournaments.

Fans eagerly anticipate how these additions will impact the playing style and performance of Peshawar Zalmi in 2024. With a strong core of talent already in place, these Platinum Players are poised to elevate the team’s capabilities and significantly contribute to their quest for victory.

Diamond Category Player: Saim Ayub, Asif Ali, Tom Kohler-Cadmore

The Peshawar Zalmi squad 2024 season has been bolstered by the addition of some top players, including the highly anticipated Diamond Player Saim Ayub. Ayub is known for his explosive batting and athletic fielding, and he is expected to impact the team’s performance significantly. Another key player to watch out for is Asif Ali, whose aggressive batting style and ability to clear the boundaries will add firepower to Zalmi’s middle order.

The squad has also acquired Tom Kohler-Cadmore, a versatile batsman with a proven track record in T20 cricket. His experience and adaptability will provide additional depth to the team’s batting lineup. With talented players at their disposal, the Peshawar Zalmi looks set to be a formidable force in the upcoming season.

In addition to their star acquisitions, the team comprises promising young talents and seasoned veterans who bring a wealth of experience to the table. The management and coaching staff are optimistic about the squad’s potential and are confident they have assembled a well-balanced team capable of competing at the highest level.

Overall, Peshawar Zalmi squad 2024 promises an exciting blend of raw talent and established performers, making them strong contenders for championship glory in 2024.

Gold Category Players: Mohammad Haris, Naveen-ul-Haq, and Aamir Jamal

In 2024, the Peshawar Zalmi squad boasts an impressive lineup of gold players, including the talented Mohammad Haris, the skillful Naveen-ul-Haq, and the seasoned Aamir Jamal. These players bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the team, and their strong performances are expected to be critical assets for Zalmi’s success in the upcoming season.

Mohammad Haris, known for his explosive batting style and exceptional fielding skills, is set to be a standout player in the squad. With his fast bowling prowess and ability to take crucial wickets, Naveen-ul-Haq adds depth to the team’s bowling attack. Aamir Jamal’s all-round skills make him a valuable asset with the bat and ball.

Combining these three gold-category players is anticipated to elevate Peshawar Zalmi’s performance across all facets of the game. With their contributions on the field and their mentorship, they are poised to play pivotal roles in shaping the team’s competitive edge and fostering a winning spirit within the squad.

Silver Category Players: Khurram Shahzad, Dan Mousley, Salman Irshad, Umair Afridi, Asif Yaqoob

The Peshawar Zalmi squad features an exciting mix of young talent and experienced players. Among the Silver Players, Khurram Shahzad is a promising fast bowler known for his wicket-taking abilities. Joining him is Dan Mousley, a dynamic English batsman with a solid technique and potential to excel in various game formats.

Salman Irshad brings pace and accuracy to the bowling attack, while Umair Afridi adds depth with his proficient spin bowling skills. Asif Yaqoob’s explosive stroke play and agile fielding further enrich the team’s lineup.

With these additions, Peshawar Zalmi aims to build a formidable squad capable of challenging for championships in both domestic and international competitions. The emphasis on nurturing young talent alongside experienced campaigners reflects the team’s commitment to long-term success in cricket.

Emerging Category Players: Haseebullah and Mohammad Zeeshan

The Peshawar Zalmi squad 2024 boasts a promising lineup of young talent, including emerging players Haseebullah and Mohammad Zeeshan. Haseebullah, a dynamic wicketkeeper-batsman, has shown great potential with both bat and gloves, while Mohammad Zeeshan’s aggressive batting style has caught the attention of fans and selectors alike.

Under the mentorship of experienced veterans like Wahab Riaz and Kamran Akmal, these young cricketers are expected to flourish and significantly contribute to the team’s success. The Peshawar Zalmi management is confident these two players will play a pivotal role in shaping the team’s future.

As the franchise continues its commitment to nurturing local talent, Haseebullah and Mohammad Zeeshan have been identified as critical pillars for the future of Peshawar Zalmi. With their dedication and skill on display, fans have high hopes for their impact in upcoming seasons.

Supplementary Category Players: Lungi Ngidi and Mehran Mumtaz

They are joining the Peshawar Zalmi squad 2024 as supplementary players, including South African fast bowler Lungi Ngidi and local talent Mehran Mumtaz.

Lungi Ngidi brings his pace and wicket-taking ability to bolster the team’s bowling attack. With his experience in T20 cricket, he is expected to play a vital role in supporting the team’s quest for success. On the other hand, Mehran Mumtaz, a promising young all-rounder from Pakistan, adds depth and versatility to the squad.

Incorporating these two talented individuals into the team demonstrates Peshawar Zalmi’s commitment to building a competitive roster for the upcoming season. The management aims to balance experience and youth within the squad to ensure a well-rounded and dynamic playing group. Each player will contribute to the Peshawar Zalmi team’s performance and overall success during the 2024 tournament.

Overall Squad Dynamics and Strategy

The Peshawar Zalmi squad 2024 comprises a mix of experienced veterans and promising young talents. The overall team dynamics emphasize a balance between explosive batting, crafty spin bowling, and disciplined fielding. With seasoned campaigners leading the way alongside exciting new prospects, the squad is designed to maximize depth and versatility.

Overall Squad Dynamics and Strategy

The team’s strategy revolves around setting challenging targets through aggressive batting at the top order while relying on agile fielding and sharp bowling to defend totals. An emphasis is placed on building partnerships and maintaining composure under pressure in both batting and bowling departments.

Regarding leadership, there is a focus on fostering a harmonious team environment where senior players mentor and guide younger ones, ensuring a seamless transition from generation to generation. The coaching staff also emphasizes adaptability, encouraging players to be flexible in their approach – adjusting playing styles according to match situations or finding innovative ways to overcome challenges.

With an eye on long-term success, Peshawar Zalmi aims to develop homegrown talent through grassroots programs while continuing to scout for potential game-changers from around the globe. This comprehensive approach reflects the franchise’s dedication to building a winning culture that extends beyond immediate results.

Expectations and Predictions

The Peshawar Zalmi is going with high expectations for the 2024 season. The squad’s composition for the upcoming season generates much speculation among fans and analysts. With a balanced mix of experienced players and emerging talents, the team is poised to deliver strong performances. The presence of seasoned international players brings experience and maturity to the squad, while young local talent injects energy and potential.

The batting lineup looks formidable with hard-hitting top-order batters and steady middle-order anchors. The bowling department seems equally impressive, featuring a blend of pace and spin options offering variety and depth. This well-rounded squad has the potential to dominate both home and away matches.

Adaptability to different pitch conditions, cohesive teamwork, and effective strategy implementation will define the team’s success in the upcoming season. Given these strengths and elements within their roster, Peshawar Zalmi appears primed for a promising campaign in 2024.


The Peshawar Zalmi Squad 2024 is a promising mix of experienced players and talented newcomers. The team’s leadership and coaching staff have shown commitment to nurturing a winning culture and fostering camaraderie among the players. With a strong lineup of batting and bowling prowess, the Zalmi squad is well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the upcoming season. As they gear up for the tournament, fans can expect exhilarating performances and unwavering determination from their favorite team. Let’s show our support and stand united behind Peshawar Zalmi as they strive for victory in the upcoming matches.

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